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Finding a paradise under the sea is pretty fun for this who like diving. once location which is worth visiting and show you with the underwater paradise is Bunaken Marine Park in Manado, Indonesia. Bunaken Marine Park is internationally well-known, especially among scuba divers.what’s amazing is that Bunaken was included as a world heritage site in 2005 after the government registered it with UNESCO. Diving spots in Bunaken was so varied and you are able to find out which spot that you like. The number of diving spots in Bunaken is 20 dive spots which 12 f them can be found in Bunaken Island. You can enjoy many Spot Diving Bunaken destinations.

Stand out diving spots

Although there are already many diving spots, it seems like to be developing because there are many divers who still to continue exploring this underwater paradise in Bunaken Marine Park. There are several highlight spots that you have to see, such as Lekuan Village, Mandolin Point, Fukui Point, and East Bunaken as well. Every diver will obviously have their own favorite spot. If you like to see sharks on the seafloor, then you can go to the different diving spot where you are also able to see the spotted seahorses, manta rays and so on. The level of visibility in Bunaken water reaches 20 meters, and this is also a good thing for you to see the distance of around 35 meters. Most of the spots offered you with the beautiful coral reefs in Bunaken Marine Park which is one of the best in the world. There are around 390 species of coral reefs with different colors as well.

Various events in Bunaken

Despite you enjoying a great view of underwater life, you are also able to get the opportunity to see many events in Bunaken, North Sulawesi. If you want to those events, then you have to come at the end of the year, between October to December where those months will be held Bunaken Festival. The event had been held since 1996 that features with a series of art and cultural events in various competitions as well. The existing competitions such as canoe races, rowing boat races and so on. In addition, there will be traditional war ceremonies and regional performance which were usually performed in the North Sulawesi Students.

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Spot Diving Bunaken  

Barracuda Point

Actually, this spot was placed in the two locations which close each other, located in Mantehage Island, the northern part of Bunaken. As its name implied, many people who dive in this spot were indeed aiming to see a huge barracuda horde. In addition, this spot is a house for other fish species, such as bigeye fish, tuna, eagle rays and so on. The white sand slopes give you with different sensation for those who dive in this spot.

Molas shipwreck

This spot was the closest to the Manado City and often called as the favorite spot for underwater photographers. There is a Japanese Shop perched in the depth of 40 meters, you are also able to meet beautiful fish such as ghost pipefish, clownfish, and seahorses. However, the unpredictable current is a challenge for those who want to see this beautiful marine ecosystem in this area.

Batu Kapal “Ship Rock”

This is the most remote spot from Bunaken Island, located on the Nain Island. The difference with other spots in Bunaken is the beauty mostly dominated by hard corals. In addition, the main attraction of this spot is the canyon which starts from the depth of 40 to 60 meters and a huge hammerhead shark as well. This spot was reserved for those who have advanced diver certificates.


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