Pulau Bunaken Diving

Are you a fan of underwater tours? Then Bunaken can be one of your right choices. This is one of the best destinations in Manado, North Sulawesi that offers you with the most of beautiful marine parks in the world. There are various coral reefs and marine biota that live in this place. Bunaken has a variety of underwater life because it was placed in the golden triangle of the world’s coral reefs which were spread from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Malaysia, Timor Leste, and the Solomon Islands. Bunaken Marine Park includes the water areas which have a high diversity of animal species or marine creatures. Therefore, Pulau Bunaken Diving can be your best choice when you have really enjoyed the underwater life.

Biodiversity of marine life

Of course, you will find so many marine creatures easily in this place, such as snapper, tuna, marlin, Napoleon, angelfish, tuna, barracuda, turtles, seahorses, mandarin fish, octopus and other types of fish as well. On the sea floor, then there are so many beautiful coral reeds with hard and soft corals along with steep walls. Bunaken offers you with more than 20 diving spits with various level of seawater depths. Then 12 diving spots were located in the Bunaken Island.

A great view above the sea

In addition, the great underwater scenery, then the charm of beauty in the cluster above the Bunaken Marine Park is so beautiful.  Some of these islands are Manado Tua, Bunaken, Siladen, Nain and Mantehage. In order to reach the Bunaken Marine Park is so easy. From Sam Ratulangi International Airport, then you are able to travel to the Bunaken by ship or even you can rent a boat that brings you to the Bunaken area.

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What makes this park becomes so special?

This park was established due to the biodiversity of marine life because it was on the migratory path for the protected creature. Therefore, it has a high value of economy for tourism and fisheries as well. Even there are more than 20.000 residents in that area who relied on its natural resources in this park. The fear was rising if that area is uncontrollable turn into over-fishing, uncontrolled, and destructive fishing system. In addition to its great biodiversity, Bunaken also offers you with a place whether endangered and rare creatures can be found here such as whales, turtles, coelacanth, dolphins, dugongs and so on. This park has a very unique bathymetry that is a unique attraction for visitors who enjoying diving in Bunaken Island. There is no continental shelf in the northern side of Northern Sulawesi that permits the coastal area to get down directly on the seafloor. At least, there are around 50 different genera as well as sub-genera of corals in the Bunaken Marine Park. The deepest water is around 1360 meters between Montegahe and Manado Tua, provide you with 25 diving spots in Bunaken Island. This is why Pulau Bunaken Diving becomes so special.

The Diving Season

You are able to enjoy Bunaken Island in all year-round destination, however, the best season for diving conditions has come from March to October. During November to the late February, you might see the wind and rains so that the surface sometimes can be rough along with one or two meters swell in that period. The visibility is around 20 to 35 were quite constant all year round. However, many of the creatures here were year-round, such as the giant nudibranch and clams, then the resident of barracuda or dugong will occur a year-round. Just make your visit to Pulau Bunaken Diving becomes meaningful.


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