Panorama Resort Bunaken

This small, coral-fringed was located in the North Sulawesi, however, it was success become the top attraction destination which still maintains the origin island soul. The accommodation was spread around the two beaches and more, even the island belongs to the islanders as well. You will meet friendly people here that give you endless warm smiles and there is no bother here – you just need to lay back. There are many attractions that you can get here, of course, most of them were connected to its beautiful marine life as well. And Panorama Resort Bunaken can be your best accommodation here, especially for you with traveling on budget.

Diving in a beautiful underwater scene

You should know that most the people come to the Bunaken Island for diving. This is because of the marine biodiversity is so incredible showing you with more than 300 types of coral, countless sponges, more than 3000 species of fish. It has around 808-hectare island as the part of the Bunaken Manado Tua Marine National park. You will see the colorful life In Bunaken Island with the vertical wall. There are many good resorts that you can find here based on your budget as well. Of course, there are many great things were waited on you to be discovered.

Panorama Resort Bunaken

This is a family-run place in the southern end from Liang Beach. It located in the big hillside complex and provides you with the wooden bungalows along with decks, commanding views and roofs as well. Even there is an affordable dive shop here as well, all you need will be served by experienced staffs. So, your visit to Bunaken will be more complete. Each wooden bungalow in this place has one room along with a double bed and some of the single beds as well. All of the bungalows were including the mosquito net, fan, and suite bathroom equipped with a shower and toilet as well. There is also the hammock in every balcony if you looking for the relaxation spot after diving. There are power plugs that support your electricity supplies.

Baca Juga :

Contrary to several reports that you might read that the beaches in Bunaken were so clear and enjoyable. You should know that only exception for this rule is the rainy season between January to March when storms start to wash all of the land and locals might need to act to clean these beaches. Therefore, you are able to avoid visit this Island during that season. Actually, the Panorama Resort is mainly divided into 2 budget classes, each of them has its own restaurant and staff and take only a few minutes to walk from each other. Most of the resorts here are modern, offer you with the deluxe rooms and can be the best option for families and couples. If you are traveling on budget, or you look for a casual environment, then you are able to check the Panorama Backpackers for your great deal and offer you with a great deal for a great time as well. These two resorts have different rates for some classes of accommodation which suit for all of the visitors as well. You do not have to worry because of all of the accommodations including three authentic Indonesia meals every day. Of course, tea and coffee are free anytime for you.

The charm of Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island also becomes the paradise for travelers who enjoy scuba diving that also offers you with more than 20 dive spots with different depths. There are many great things that you will meet here and you can visit this place during its best condition. Panorama Resort Bunaken can be your best accommodation.


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