Panorama Dive Resort Bunaken

Bunaken is an island of 8 sq meter and a part of Bunaken National Marine Park. Bunaken was located in the northern tip of the Sulawesi, Indonesia. This is an administrative property of Manado and one of the best attractions here is scuba diving that attracts many visitors to come to this island. Bunaken National Park stretches over an area around 890.65 sq meter, which is only 3% for terrestrial, including of Bunaken Island, Manado, Nain, Mantehahe and Siladen. The waters of the Bunaken Marine National Park were up to 1566 meters deep in Manado Bay, along with temperatures ranging from 70 to 29 Celcius. This place has a high diversity of fish, coral, sponges or echinoderms. No wonder that there are many professional divers from around the world visit this place. Panorama Dive Resort Bunaken also makes your visit complete. High level of biodiversity

The ocean currents might explain why Bunaken National Marine Park has a high level of biodiversity. The northeastern currents generally seep through the park, but abundant counter-currents along with gyros were associated with the lunar cycle which is believed that being traped for the larvae. This is also actually true that the south side of crescent-shaped of Bunaken Island that lies in the heart of the park, Snorkelers or divers around Lekuan or Fukui can see more than 33 species of butterfly fish and various types of damsels, groupers, and rivets as well. The gobi fish has a small body along with the bulging eyes and modifiend fins that allow them to attach hard surface.

Most popular attraction in Bunaken National Park

The amazing charm of the underwater world can be found here and there are around 13 types of coral reefs which rise steeply vertically down around 25 to 50 meters. You will be spoiled with the views that had been presented around 91 species of fish in Bunaken Marine Park, including of white koi, goropa, yellowtail tolosi, and many more. even in Bunaken was found a lot of mollusks such as Nautilus, giant clams, goat head fish and so on.

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For travelers who enjoy scuba diving, this place offers you with over than 20 points that can be used for diving where you are able to get an opportunity to swim into the sea along with fascinating marine life. Bunaken can be very well known because of the beauty of its marine park and this tour was discovered in 1975, then started become tourist attraction in North Sulawesi. In order to reach the tourist area in Bunaken National Park, then you are able to travel by air then you can directly transfer in Sam Ratulangi International Airport in Manado. Then the airport was connected to the other major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Makassar, Balikpapan, Surabaya, and Bali.

Panorama Dive Resort Bunaken

Panorama Dive Resort was a relatively new addition of the Panorama Backpackers Resort. This is a new resort which been followed with the tradition set from the Panorama Backpackers of being a warm environment. You will be guided by professional staff and all of them will take care of you during your stay here. If you want to get the best experience with the bungalow style experience then this place is what you’ve been looking for. Therefore if you are traveling in a budget or if you looking for a more relaxing experience, then you can visit this place.

This resort was placed in the small hill, spilling and overlooking into the Liang beach on the west coast. This place was named as Panorama because you will see an amazing view across the reef and enjoying the beautiful sun setting as well. Panorama Dive Resort Bunaken can be your best choice.


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