Oasis Bunaken Resort

Oasis Bunaken Resort might be the perfect place to stay while you are visiting Bunaken Island. This property is situated 0.3km away from the Bunaken National Marine Park. As we all know, this marine park offers the pristine beach with crystal clear water and underwater life that you will never see it in another place. But in this article, we are going to talk more about the resort. If you are interested, you can buy our holiday package for this resort.

The rooms and features

The resort offers three types of room. Each room has different features and of course its price. However, all the rooms will give you a nice holiday vibe.

The first room is the Luxury Cottage. This 70sqm room is situated in the middle of lush greenery and a few steps down you can reach the blue sea. Wood dominated the room from the ceiling to the floor and the rustic vibe is very strong in this room type. There is a cozy king-size bed with a canopy on it along with puffy pillows and fluffy duvet sheets. The entire room will transform into a romantic arena right when the sun goes down.

The next room type is the Double Luxury Cottage. This 90sqm room offers the undeniable comfort with its double bedrooms. If you are in a group vacation, this room will be a perfect choice. We also offer the perfect deal for you by purchasing our holiday package. The room is spacious and airy with a big modern bathroom along with its organic toiletries. The private balcony will allow you to enjoy the sunset or just talking with your partner while sipping a glass of fine wine.

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There is also the Two-Story Luxury Cottage that will provide you a huge space of a room. This room is extremely recommended for a family vacation with kids or friends. Most parts of this room are made of wood so you will feel the warmth from the rustic style. There are also a coffee machine, water dispenser, mini fridge, and many more. The Wi-Fi is also quite fast. You can do yoga inside the room while witnessing the scene.

Things to do

Oasis Bunaken Resort provides a great space for you to enjoy your holiday without dealing with the hustle outside. It has a big fresh water swimming pool to enjoy. This is is a great spot to take a picture or two. If you are not into swimming then you can grab your drinks from a cocktail bar then enjoy the sun. Sunbathing is a good idea after all.

If you feel tired or need something to chill and relax after diving or exploring the ocean, you can head to its award-winning spa. Everything offered by this spa feels like royalty. Besides massage, you can enjoy the facials treatment from the specialists. You can even choose the treatment you like and get it in your cottage or in the custom-built spa of the resort.

Bunaken Island is like the paradise for divers around the world. There are at least 90 diving sites that can be accessed by you who have a diving license. This resort provides the diving boat with exclusive features and fixtures. You can get fresh water to wash after diving and photography enthusiasts also get their facilities.

The foods

This resort has a great restaurant that serves three meals per day. This will fulfill your craving for good foods. You can even enjoy the sunset from this spot so if you want a romantic dinner then just take your partner during the golden hour. If you want to have a honeymoon then you must give a try to Oasis Bunaken Resort.


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