Manado Tour Package

Manado Tour Package – Do you want to have a holiday with the limited budget? Don’t worry about it. You can still have a fun holiday with the limited budget. You can order a cheap hotel room and airplane ticket. By ordering a holiday package to Manado, you can select the best Manado Tour Package to get a desirable combination.

Manado Tour Package for Your Amazing Holiday

Manado is a capital of North Sulawesi Province. Despite a rapid economical sector, Manado has a competitive tourist’s potential to the other cities in Indonesia. It is not surprising that it often becomes a destination in an offered tour package of the tour and travel agent. Bunaken Sea Park is famous for the best sea park in the world. It must be included to the itinerary in Manado Tour Package. If you find a nature view with fresh air, you can find a waterfall for the visit list.

After you get satisfied with enjoying an amazing nature enchantment, there will be a wide variety of Manadonese culinary that must be tasted. One of the most recommended places to satisfy your culinary temptation is Boulevard Area. When you enjoy the food and beverages, the scenery of Manado Tua Island in the sea will be a sweet dish in your holiday package in Manado.

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Top Itineraries in Manado Tour Package

An offered beauty package of Bunaken Sea Park shouldn’t be missed. There are more than 39 diving spots to explore. If you cannot dive, you can still enjoy the beauty of Bunaken’s underwater with a special design submarine with a glass wall. It is caused that the exotism of the underwater will amaze you. Even, Bunaken has been applied to be the world’s heritage site of Unesco in 2005. Kimia Atas Waterfall is the next top itinerary in Manado Tour Package. This waterfall has a distance of 15 kilometers from the center city of Manado. It presents the other beauties included in Manado Tour Package. This waterfall consists of three levels with the medium water flow so that it is safe for swimming and playing water. If you don’t want to swim you can sit down and enjoy some kinds of culinary choices around the location.

Manado Tua Island is another destination in Manado. This island has a distance of 16 kilometers from Manado. It shouldn’t be missed in a tour package in Manado. To reach it, you can reach a trip using a boat for 60 minutes. It is as beautiful as Bunaken Sea Park. It offers an exotism of the underwater nature. It is not surprising that it becomes a location of World Ocean Conference in 2009. It is located in Boulevard being a pleasant place to taste a wide variety of Manadones culinary. The right time for visiting this is is an afternoon and evening. You can enjoy your meal and enjoy the sunset in Manado Tua Island.

In Manado Tour Package, you have to consider the cost of the package and offered itineraries. Those itineraries must be included in the package. If you get confused on the offered package, you should compare one package to another one until you find the cheapest one. The offered tourism package is able to modify to get an appropriate tourist attraction combination. You should equalize the budget and the offered package. Don’t make your budget overload due to forcing to take a choice of a particular tour package in Manado. Manado Tour Package is a nice option to see the beauty of Manado in a different way and in a complete way.


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