Manado Tour and Travel

Manado Tour and Travel – Manado saves its millions of the beauties. The tourists can explore the beauty of Manado in several ways. Bunaken seems to seed the top list of the tourist attraction. Nevertheless, you can include more itineraries in Manado Tour and Travel. Manado is a friendly city for tourists. When you want to go to Manado, you shouldn’t only include Bunaken. There are many great tourist attractions in Manado to visit. Try to include the following tourist destinations while visiting Manado to see the paradise of the underwater.

Manado Skyline in Manado Tour and Travel

Manado Skyline is located in Tetempangan Peak with the height of 568 mdpl. The tourist attraction of Manado Skyline offers a beautiful nature panorama with its mountainous landscape. This is located in Koha Village, Mandolang District. This is famous for being an extreme sport of paragliding. There are many tourists coming to this place to feel the sensation. Though it has not been developed longer, Manado Skyline has been successful to be a tourist icon in Manado until it is popular to the outside. The tourists can see green plantation with a coconut and clove plantation.

Tumbak Sea Park

Tumbak Sea Park is as beautiful as Bunaken Sea Park. One of the tourist attractions in Manado Tour and Travel offers an amazing sea beauty. This sea park has 20 famous diving spots such as Bohaga Mangrove, Napo Kipas, Small Bhaga, and Pintu Samudera. Because it has not exposed many people, the condition is not too crowded. This condition makes Tumbak Sea Park become a fun space for having a holiday. In addition, you can enjoy the underwater beauty. You can also do trekking to the top of the hill. In this hill, you can see a funeral of Syekh Abu Sahmad Baddar. From the peak of the hill, the tourists can enjoy the amazing natural scenery and look so natural. There is a savanna rarely exposed. It is an appropriate place for finding a quietness.

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Siladen Island

To complete the collection of maritime tourism in Manado, Siladen Island is a tourist attraction option to visit. Siladen Island is not far different from Tumbak Sea Park offering the panorama of the underwater beauty. This has soft and gentle white sand, clean bluish water, and diving spots. It makes the island always be the main choice for tourists visiting there. Siladen Island also becomes a tourist destination in Manado that has been completed with many facilities. Those are hotels and luxury resorts and accommodation facilities. Make sure that you take your time to enjoy the beauty of this island. Try to always check that this island is included in an itinerary list in Manado Tour and Travel when you want to explore it.

Lihaga Island

If you want to see the Maldives, you shouldn’t go away there. You can feel the sensation of Maldives in Lihaga Island, Manado. It is famous for the Maldives of Manado. The tourists call it when they come to this island. This island has a very clean and soft white sand area. The calm waves and clean water make you cozy stay there. The atmosphere in this island is similar to the beaches in the Maldives so that you will feel like in the Maldives. This island is also a rare tourist attraction to visit. It makes Lihaga Island belong to the wishlist of the tour and travel destination in 2018. Some tourists visiting Lihaga Island have their ways to enjoy the beauty. They can bring an air bed to enjoy its beauty. They can sunbathe on the bed and hear the sound of the soft waves. Some tourists are enjoying it by snorkeling. It must be included in Manado Tour and Travel.


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