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Bunaken Marine Park Tourism is one of the popular destinations in Sulawesi. This object is the main tourist destination in Manado, North Sulawesi, even become one of the most beautiful marine parks in the world. There are so many different types of marine biota and coral reefs that live in this place. For those who enjoyed diving and snorkeling, this place just like paradise. There are around 20 diving spots that can be used to witness the underwater natural charm. The beauty of the underwater Bunaken came from its strategic location, which is located in the golden triangle of the world’s coral reefs that spread from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, and Timor Leste. If your main reason of visit this place is diving, then you can choose Bunaken Villa Resort Diving.

The location of Bunaken Marine Park

Geographically, Bunaken Marine Park is in the location of Bunaken Village, Manado, North Sulawesi. In this place, you take a distance of around 7 miles from Manado Harbor which usually takes around 50 minutes. The marine park also has 5 islands, they are Naen Island, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Manado Tua, and Mantehage Island. There are other small islands surrounded in this area. Even, you are able to visit this place any time because of the absence of the offseason. However, if you want to enjoy diving, then it always better to visit this island from May to August when the seawater is so clear with warm temperature as well.

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The five points in Bunaken Marine Park

This park covers around 75,265 hectares and there are around 390 types of coral reefs and 90 species of fish that live in this water. Even the countless marine mammals, mollusks, reptiles and mangroves that grow around this marine park. That thing attracted many travelers from around the world wants to dive into this place. There are several diving spots in the Bunaken Marine Park including of Puncak Barracuda, Mandolin, East Bunaken, Siladen, ship wreckage, Tanjung Kopi, and Tembok Lekuan. Besides its underwater beauty, Bunaken also offers you with the beauty of the surrounding islands.

Facilities and accommodation in Bunaken Marine Park

For those who want to stay longer in this place should not worry. Because there are sufficient accommodation and facilities in this area. Even you are also able to choose a very affordable rate for your accommodation. If you want to stay in Manado, then there are many hotels that can be booked. To support your need, even some of them provide their guests with diving equipment, snorkeling equipment, and underwater cameras to record your activity here.

Activities in Bunaken

In addition, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bunaken Marine National Park from the mainland, there are many activities that you can try here. As mentioned before that there are around 23 dive sites that you can visit. However, for those who do not bring their diving equipment, they can rent them at an affordable price. If you do not want to dive here, then you are able to try tracking along the cliff path and climb the Manado Tua volcano. Even you can try fishing with local fishermen and watching dolphins in the high seas. So actually, Bunaken is not always talking about dive, even there are many things you can try here because its beautiful scenery not only come from the beach. You can make your visit more perfect by booked Bunaken Villa Resort Diving based on your budget. Of course, you are able to get a perfect trip with your partner or family.


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