Bunaken Tourist Attractions

Bunaken Tourist Attractions – Bunaken Sea Park is a primary tourist destination in Manado, North Sulawesi and one of the beautiful sea parks in the world. Bunaken Tourist Attractions make tourists want to visit it overtimes. It has several beautiful coral reefs and living sea biota in this sea area. For the tourists loving maritime tourism, Bunaken can be a right choice for your holiday.

Located in a Strategic Area

Bunaken Tourist Attraction is the most popular tourist object in Manado. A number of tourists’ visit to Bunaken shows an increasing trend every year. It can attract both local and international tourists in Bunaken Sea Park. Bunaken is located in Bunaken, Bunaken District, Manado. It has a distance of 7 miles from Manado Port and can be reached for 50 minutes using a double boat or only 35 minutes with a speedboat. There are 5 islands included in this national park, Naen Island, Bunaken Island, Manado Tua Island, Mantehage Island, and Siladen Island. It has more than 3000 species of fishes in Bunaken. Due to its richness, many sides try to run coral reef and mangrove conservation.

The specialty of Bunaken National Park

Bunaken Tourist Attractions surely have a wide variety of underwater life. It is caused that this national park is located in a golden triangle of the world’s coral reef in Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Philipines. It has a wide variety of animal species and the highest sea biota. It has hard – contour and soft coral reefs with a curving valley. It has various sea biota such as tuna, Napoleon, turtles, angelfish, and many more. Of course, it is famous for the rare fish species, Coelacanth.

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Having No Off Season

It will be fun if you go to this sea park. It is a right spot for diving. There are no off seasons for visiting Bunaken Sea Park. It means that you can dive freely anytime and visit it whenever you want. You can explore the underwater of Bunaken Sea. Nevertheless, the right time for diving is between May to August because the warm and clean sea water will welcome you. The warm water will refresh your mind and relax your body. It will be so much fun to feel it.

Having 20 Diving Spots

Bunaken National Park has 20 diving spots with some levels of the seawater depth. From a number of 20 diving spots, 12 diving spots are located in the water area of Bunaken Island. You should know that it becomes the most popular diving spot and favorite one for the best local and international divers. For the beauty of the Bunaken Sea, you can see the location called a curving area of 1, 2, 3, mandolin, Tanjung Parigi, Fukui, Sachiko Point, East Bunaken, and Ron’s Point.

Kataraman Is an Extraordinary Sea Vehicle

If you love walking to explore the beauty of Bunaken Sea being Bunaken Tourist Attractions, you can ride Kataraman. It is a glass ship rented in the shore of Bunaken Island. Catamaran has a glass wall so that you can see and enjoy the beauty of Bunaken’s underwater. Despite Katamaran, there is a submarine called Blue Banter only operating when the high tide comes. Of course, you have to spend much more money on taking this maritime experience during having a holiday in Bunaken. Nevertheless, the joy is equal to the cost. This tourist activity is able to meet in Siladen Island in Manado. You can explore there after walking around Bunaken. It will present you the most memorable experience during staying in this island.


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