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The natural which been offered by Bunaken Marine Park seems to be an endless attraction. It was located in the Manado Bay, North Sulawesi, then the waters conservation area covers the areas at 89,065 hectares that keeps a million charms underwater beauty which hypnotizes any visitor here. There are many activities that you can try, whether you go with your family, partners or friends.


This is the first marine park was established in 1990 that makes Bunaken Marine Park become one of the best snorkeling and diving locations with the dozens of types of coral reeds and fish species as well. Around 20 dive sites ready to make divers feel so amazing to take a closer look at the amazing variety of marine life. In addition to try diving, then visitors can walk leisurely among the five islands which surround the marine park, they are Siladen, Bunaken, Mantehage, Manado Tua and Nain. Visitors are also able to visit the Tangkoko Duasudara Nature Reserve as well.

The best time visit Bunaken

The best time to visit Bunaken comes from May and August. However, for this who choose to visit Bunaken around July to August, then do not forget to book a resort or even Bunaken Tour & Travel because the holiday season usually fully booked by many tourists who want visit this island. To reach Bunaken Island, then the visitor can take a flight directly to the Manado City. From Manado, then you are able to rent a motorboat to go to Bunaken via Padar Barsehati around 40 minutes. The accommodations and access are easy to find here, so you do not have to worry at all.

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Best dive locations in Bunaken

Although it is popular with the charm of fish species and coral reds, each location offers you with its own uniqueness, the following dive sites were required to visit while you travel to the Bunaken.

Lekuan Wall

The group of cockatoo turtles and fish were be found in this marine park. Interestingly, the Lekuan wall is the long wall which been divided into three parts, they are Lekuan 1, Lekuan 2 and Lekuan 3. The Lekuan Wall is the best marine parks along with the steep walls and deep gaps along with giant sponges and sea fans as well.

Bunaken Timor

Although it does not have coral reefs as beautiful as other places. Then Bunaken Timor is the best place to see sharks, turtles, eagle rays and other large fish. Strong currents make these fish swim freely in this marine park.


If you want to feel the sensation of swimming closer with the fish, then Mandolin Park should be visited. It offers you with the coral crest and wall which is inhabited by so many colorful fish,  such as unicornfish, shooter fish and bannerfish, making these fish accustomed to swimming and easily approached by humans.

Tanjung Kopi

If you wonder to see barracuda, gobi fish, sweetlips fish, and nudibranch fish, then Tanjung Kopi is the worth visiting. Tanjung Kopi has a small wall along with less visibility however the number of fish in this area still makes them interesting to be observed as well.


Siladen has the shallow sea with the soft coral walls which are so beautiful. Uniquely, this soft coral looks alive when the current comes.

The shipwreck in Manado

The 60-meter long vessel is the German merchant ship which sank near Milas Beach around 1942. It was located at the depth of 23 meters and this shop is the favorite dive site in Bunaken as well. By choosing a right Bunaken Tour & Travel, then you have a chance to visit these favorite dive sites.


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