Bunaken Snorkeling Tour

At least, there are two ways to enjoy the underwater beauty. The better trained will choose diving, then for those who do not have trained experience the can feel its sensation by snorkeling. Although, the sensation might not as same as diving, sipping underwater charm can be done by snorkeling as well. However, you should know that not all of the diving points in Indonesia can be accessed by snorkeling. You should be selective by measuring its visibility, depth and current strength of the dive point. Then Bunaken is one of the friendliest marine parks where some of the diving spots are so good to try snorkeling. Even, you are able to choose Bunaken Snorkeling Tour by several companies here.

The exploration

The exploration of this area including 2 kilometers of a long reef in the southeastern shore. The corals were so qualitative in the whole area, except for a few meters in the north side where some of them were degraded. Then wearing your diving mask and enter the magical site where you are able to see the so many multicolored coral forests swim over you. After you get off to the water, then you will see the different species of butterflydish here, parroftsih, giant porcupinefish and so on. The most common fish that you will see are pink skunk clownfish and Clark clownfish as well. However, you will see less than you might be able to see around Siladen Island.

Here best snorkeling spots in Bunaken Island

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Fukui Point

This sites becomes the most favorite site by many people after Japanese finds and gave a name to this place. Unlike in most of Bunaken dive sites, in this place you will not find coral walls, however, you will see the steep slopes. In this place, you are able to find white-spotted moray eels, napoleon wrasse, red-tooth tigerfish or even garden eels as well. Many divers can find at least 5 giant clams at the depth of 15 meters.

Muka Kampung

Muka Kampung offers you with a variety of underwater terrain. You will see Fluorescent fish hordes are everywhere. You are also able to find the sea snakes that swim among the dendronephthya coral reefs. Even you are also able to meet huge turtles, Napoleon fish, lobsters and so on.

Lekuan 1,2 and 3

Those who want to enjoy snorkeling, beginner divers and experienced divers will enjoy this spot with the clear water and calm waves. This place offers you a rich variety of fish species. Likuan 1 and 2 are a house for Napoleon wrasse, bannerfish and pyramid butterfly fish. Likuan 2 has a vertical wall along with hard and soft coral reefs as well. Then Likuan 3 is one of the best diving spots in Bunaken. For those who snorkel can enjoy variety coral reefs and fish species as well. For those who enjoying diving, then the adventure will begin from sloping sand slopes with a little underwater peak, then you will find the seawall for almost 200 meters deep. You will be amazed by seeing colorful fish swimming around you.

Celah-celah “Cracks”

This diving spot was placed at the southern part of Bunaken Island which is also a favorite location for locals to relax. Because it is located close to Liang Bay, then the curve of this island protects the area. The cracks from the wind and waves were so large, in the surface, the waves were usually calm. However, under the sea level sometimes you will meet the flow is pretty large. “Celah” means fracture or cracks. As the name implied, this point has the deep sea wall along with large cracks on the surface. Complete your visit here with Bunaken Snorkeling Tour.


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