Bunaken Sea Garden Resort

For most of the travelers who want to enjoy the natural beauty, especially for marine tourism in the North Sulawesi, Bunaken Marine Park which is located in the Bunaken Island in Manado was the most recommended place, it should be admitted that the big name of Bunaken had become a tourism icon in the North Sulawesi. However, there are many places that you can visit and most of them are as beautiful as Bunaken. To complete your visit, then Bunaken Sea Garden Resort can be your best recommendation.

Visit other beautiful places in Manado

Well, there are several natural attractions that you can visit besides Bunaken when you visit Mando. Then you will see that Manado is indeed one of the best places that offer you beautiful natural tourism in the world.

Tumbak Island

The beauty of Tumbak beach will open your eyes that the marine tourism in North Sulawesi was not only the Bunaken Marine Park. As natural attraction which has not been much exposed, then Tumbak Island shows you with the variety of marine tourism activities ranging from snorkeling, fishing, and diving as well. Tumbak island administratively entered to the Tumbak Village, southeastern Sulawesi. In the place which is around d3 hours away from the Center of Manado City, then you are able to choose 20 swimming spots which also have amazing views as well.

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Lembeh Island

Actually, the Lembeh Strait is an island which is administratively located in the autonomous region of the Bitung city. In this Island, the underwater tourism was still developing. There are also several resorts that offer you with diving tour packages as well. The Lembeh Strait is popular among foreign tourists for the beauty of its marine biota. If Bunaken is famous for its marine reefs, then Lembeh Strait is very well known for its flora diversity and underwater fauna as well.

Siladen Island

Siaden Island has the marine park with colorful fish and coral reefs, even a beautiful cave as well. Located in the northeast of Bunaken Island and can be reached around 45 minutes by motorboat. Siladen Island was also known as the quite tourist island. Siladen can be your best choice for this who want to isolate themselves for a moment from the bustle of the city. You will get a pleasant experience for having a great rest and sunbathing yourself with the healthy sun. On this island, you can take katamaran (glass boats), food stalls, cottages, and diving centers so you are able to choose tourist attraction that matches with your taste as well. If Bunaken was famous for its beauty of the sea, then Siladen island more show off the beauty of its stretch.

Bunaken Sea Garden Resort

Bunaken Sea Garden Resort is a very cozy and small dive resort that provides you with 10 traditional cottages which been located in the tropical garden. They offer you a well diving center and the famous house reef only take around one minute’s swim away. This is also a perfect place for snorkeling, scuba diving or you just want to get relax above the hammock with a cold drink. It helps you to get a nuance as you are in a home and the family atmosphere just make your visit more wonderful.

In this place, then you will enter the water along with professional dive staff and let them show you with the colorful marine life in Bunaken Island. The dive center offers you spacious boats, good equipment and experienced local guide that will give your breathtaking dive experience as well. Bunaken Sea Garden Resort can be your best deal.


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