Bunaken National Park Diving 

Most of the reeds in the Bunaken National Marine Park are still unspoiled and rich along with soft and hard corals, the fish life in massive concentration. Diving in this place and around Bunaken was mainly diving and drift diving as well. However, there were included in some of the beautiful coral slopes. Diving in the Bunaken National Park and Manado is so fun where you are able to explore more than 50 different diving spots, most of them were included in the park. Bunaken National Park Diving can be your best destination if you look out of the best place to get the best experienced in diving.

Underwater paradise

In Indonesia, there are several regions in Indonesia which were so famous for its underwater paradises, such as Raja Ampat, Bali, Bunaken, and Bangka Belitung. When you are wondered about Bunaken, it was located in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Even the Bunaken Marine Park was also very popular among professional scuba divers. You are able to see different kinds of marine biot come from oysters, soft corals, manta rays and sharks as well.

Amazing diving spots

What’an amazing about Bunaken Marine Park has included as the world heritage site in 2005 after the government registered it with UNESCO. You might already know that there are so many diving spots that you can choose here. Plus, some of those diving spots offer you with the underwater beauty which is second to none. Some of the diving spots in Bunaken Marine Park are favorite spots.

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Popular diving post in Bunaken Marine Park

Muka Gereja in Manado Tua Island

One of the diving spots in Bunaken Sea is Muka Gereja or Manado Tua Island. As its name implied, this diving spot was located just right in the front of the church on Manado Tua Island, precisely in the east side of Bunaken Island. The pristine water just so calm with a very good visibility. There are some marine creatures that you will meet in this point, such as white anemone crabs and a group of leaf fish will come up around the anemone as well. In this point, you are also able to meet with white tips sharks, huge treavellies, scorpionfish, and spotted eagle rays as well. Not only the great scenery of underwater, but you are also able to see the amazing volcanic island that rise in the surface.

Muka Kampung

One of the diving spots in Bunaken Marine Park which is also a favorite place for visitors is Muka Kampung. This diving spot offers you many underwater terrains as well. Even you are able to find fluorescent fish hordes everywhere. You are also able to meet sea snakes in black or white banded which swimming along the dendronephthya coral reefs. You can meet Napoleon Fish, big turtles, lobsters, and Morrish idols as well. With so many marine biotas, then make you feel so delighted when you dive here. You can choose your best Bunaken National Park Diving spot as well.

Mike’s Point

One of the must-visit diving spots in Bunaken is Mike’s point. This dining spot was named after the famous underwater photographer named Mike Severns spend a lot of time with its incredible rock wall that the dive guide finally named this diving spot after his name. In this place, you are able to find out several marine biotas such as large gorgonians, soft corals, parrotfish and Napoleon fish as well.

Those are several diving spots in the Bunaken Marine Park that you are able to use them as a reference when you visit Bunaken Island. Some of them offering you underwater beauty. Find out your best Bunaken National Park Diving spot.


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