Bunaken Island Resort

Indonesia’s sea paradise is very valuable. This is one of the important assets in an island country like Indonesia. Each island offers you very beautiful beaches and sea along with their unique characteristics. One of Indonesia’s marine wealth which is currently worth considering is Bunaken National Park in the North of Sulawesi Island. Bunaken Island has an area of 8.98 km and it was occupied in the Bay of Manado. Bunaken National Park is in the water of Bunaken Island which can be accessed easily around 30 minutes from the Manado Harbor. Bunaken Marine Park was claimed has the highest marine wealth in the world. This marine park has five islands, they are Bunaken Island, Manado Tua Island, Mantehage Island, Siladen Island, and Naen Island. If you want to stay longer here, then you can choose the Bunaken Island Resort.

The beauty of the amazing Bunaken Marine Park

The most stand out feature of Bunaken Marine Park is the coral reef. It was estimated that there are more than 2000 species of fish along with various marine biota living on these coral reefs. You are able to find many fish species here, such as Trigger, Sweetlip, Unicorn, Wrase, Dansel and so on. Even you are also able to meet with bigger fish if you dive deeper into the sea. You will be amazed to see Pari, Tuna, Marlin, whales, hammerhead sharks, barracudas and dolphins here. There are several rare fish which were almost extinct and barely seen such as dugong and coelacanth.

A great place for snorkeling and diving

Surely, the thing that you most want to do when you are in Bunaken Marine Park is snorkeling and diving. There are rental centers for diving or snorkeling equipment such as underwater cameras and so on. All snorkeling activities here had been accompanied by experts and standard tools so that your security can be guaranteed by the manager as well.

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Diving spot in Bunaken Marine Park

The beauty of Bunaken Marine Park can be seen in locations such as lekuan 1, 2, 3, fukui, mandolin, tanjung parigi, ron’s point, sachiko point, pangalisang, muka kampung, and Bunaken Timur. In addition, there are more diving spots which been located in the Bunaken Marine Park, because the Bunaken itself has 40 varied depth diving sites that serve you with so many types of tropical fish and coral reefs as well. The area that was inaugurated in 1991 as the national marine park also offers you another beauty which is the presence of underwater great walls or giant coral walls. For those who live in underwater photography, you will not be disappointed when visiting Bunaken Marine Park because you will get great underwater photos to capture a rare moment that you cannot get in other areas.

Great scenery of beach and Katamaram

You do not only get great scenery underwater, however, the view of the beach was also breathtaking. You are able to walk along the beach with the stretch of white sand and very clear sea water in the green shade. Without you might realize it, you might feel like you are in paradise which is so beautiful as well. If you had fun by playing on the beach, then you are able to climb Katamaran to explore the sea. Katamaram is the glass-walled ship that shows you with the beauty of an underwater scene from the inside of ship without making yourself to go into the water. You are also able to try to ride the Blue Benter submarine that takes you to explore more Bunaken sea in affordable rate as well. Do not forget complete your visit with Bunaken Island Resort.


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