Bunaken Island Resort

Bunaken Island Resort might be the first place comes in mind when you have a plan to visit Bunaken Island of Manado. Bunaken Island offers the best of nature by being the part of the best scuba diving destinations in Indonesia or even in the universe. People from around the world come to this island to enjoy its underwater scenery. Even the seabed reaches 1,600 meters in depth.

But in this article, we are going to show you one of the best accommodations in Bunaken Island. Basically, there are several places you can explore but if you want to enjoy the adventure and your night stay during your vacation, we highly recommend this resort for you. You can get a special deal from our agency along with the itinerary so you can explore the island thoroughly.

Paradise for tourists

Bunaken Island Resort offers so many conveniences to the visitors who stay in their resort. We gather the reviews from the customers that had spent their times in this resort when visiting Bunaken Island. According to the reviews, this resort is simply a paradise for tourists who spend their nights here.

The staff is warm and friendly along with their wonderful hospitality. This place also puts the customers first by providing a great resort manager who will help you in case you need anything. There is a balcony in the resort and there you will find a cozy hammock chair. Sitting on the hammock while enjoying the ocean view from the balcony will be one of the things you cannot forget about this resort.

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Family-friendly resort

The resort is located near the ocean and there are only seven villas offered by this resort. Still, all of them are great. You can enjoy all the things offered by this island by staying in this resort. We have a great package deal for you so you can get the best deal to spend your vacation in this place.

This resort also has one of the best chefs in the world. They always cook the fresh meals and give variations on each food they have cooked. In case you have a certain diet, you can let the chef know because he can provide almost anything asked by the customers. The chef even shares his cooking secrets if you want to. There are a few mango trees in the resort and the chef will shake the tree to fulfill the customers’ request of fresh mango.

As we have mentioned earlier, the villa is situated near the ocean. You can even walk with your barefoot to reach the place. You can take a boat to explore the ocean and see the dolphins jump around your boat.

The rooms have some big beds and open-air shower is available for each villa that will make you feel so close to nature. On the other hand, almost all things in the resort are made of wood. You can feel the warmth and the joy right after you step your feet to the villa. If you visit Bunaken Island, this resort might be the best thing you should try especially if this is your family trip.

The best view in Bunaken

You can witness the fantastic view of the volcano, sea, and the magnificent sunset. Since the sea is only 700 meters away from the bungalow and even nearer from the villa, you can easily get a boat to explore the sea before jumping to the water. Snorkeling and diving are two things that you must do while you are on this island. In overall, visiting Bunaken will be much fun if you also stay in the Bunaken Island Resort.


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