Bunaken Island North Sulawesi        

Bunaken was considered one of the best scuba diving sites in Indonesia. Many people come from around the world, especially to dive in this place. Many divers will be excited by a massive wall which been covered by beautiful corals in the clear water. The sky floor around the Bunaken Island also so deep, up to 1600 meters and it makes this destination become something special. Bunaken Island North Sulawesi like the hidden gem that provides you with something that you never saw before. There are many beautiful things you will meet here.

Beautiful Sloppy Coral Reef

The transparent waters in Bunaken seas allow you to see clearly the scene of sea biotas. There are around 13 species of coral reefs that you can see in this park which been dominated by the block and edge ridges of rocks as well. You should know that the most attractive view was steep in the vertical line of the sloppy coral reef which jumps down to the depth about 25 to 50 meters. Then you are able to delight your eyes with 91 types of fish that you are able to find in Bunaken National Park, such as Gusimi Horse Fish, Yellow Tailed Lolos, Goropa, Hwite Oci and so on. There are many unique creatures as well.

A great spot for scuba diving

For those who loved to enjoy scuba diving, then this is a right place to be. Along with more than 20 diving spots that you can choose, then the divers will get the bigger change to swim under the sea and play around while amazed these sea creatures. You should know that most of the diving taking place in the Manado Tua and close to Bunaken because there are many wonderful spots there. Lekuan walls in 1,2 and 3 were the best spots that you can consider.

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Best diving spots in Manado Tua Island

The five points in the Manado Tua offer you with the vertical line of ending walls along with small caves inside. You are able to enjoy the beautiful soft and hard corals, reed sharks, reef sites and turtles in this area.


It was placed in the Eastern part of Manado Tua Island and this site was started off with the slope jumping down to the 30 meters and then start to continue toward the vertical line with a huge reef flat that raises around 5 meters. The big schools of big sized fish, such as Butterly Fish, Banner Fish are so easy to be found in this area. The current is pretty strong in this area, make it a great place to see spotted eagle rays and sharks.

Muka Gereja of Church Front

This site is pretty similar to the Manado Tua Church. The water surrounds the Muka Gereja were pretty calm and offer you with great visibility with the moderate up to strong currents as well. Another hand, this is a very interesting and beautiful wall along with huge barrel sponges and some of them even had a 1-meter diameter. The best thing about this site is not only had offered in the underwater, but there is also a great volcano that can be your amazing sight when you are on the surface.

Negeri or country

It was placed in the east side of Muka Gereja. The current was based on the strength and direction of the wind. Along with the same visibility. There was the possibility to find out Silvertip Sharks in the sandy slopes for the depth around 30 meters. Enjoy your great view in the Bunaken Island North Sulawesi.


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