Bunaken Island Indonesia

Bunaken is an island, it was formerly as a part of Manado Bay, the north side of  Sulawesi Province. The visitors can reach Bunaken by taking the speedboat for around 30 minutes from the seaport of Manado. Around Bunaken Island, there is the Bunaken Sea Garden which included as the part of Bunaken National Park. After all, Bunaken covers the area around 75265 hectares along with five islands, they are Naen Island, Mantehage Island, Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, and Siladen Island.  Bunaken Island Indonesia can be your next destination list.

Beautiful dive spots

You should know that Bunaken has 20 points for diving spit along with the different depth up to 1344 meters as well. Among those 20 points, there are 12 points among them were around the Bunaken Island. Those 12 points of diving spot were most regularly visited by the divers or visitors who want to enjoy the incredible view of underwater life. Most of those 12 diving points in Bunaken Island is the line that stretches from the southeast go to the northwest in this island. In this area, there were great underwater walls, a huge rock walls which stand in vertical line and even curved upwards as well. Those rock walls were also used as the food source for fish in the water around Bunaken Island

Tropical Water Ecosystem

While on the Bunaken National Park, Bunaken National Park becomes the representative of Indonesian tropical water which consisted of coral reefs, coastal ecosystem, seagrass beds, and mangrove ecosystems as well. Then for the mainland islands national park has so many species of sago, palm, coconut, silar, and woka. Animal species in the mainland and the coast, they are deer, polecat, and black macaques.

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Diving spots in Bunaken Island Indonesia


Mandolin is the interesting place in Bunaken Marine Tourism is the Mandolin diving point. This point is very interesting because it has a wall and a peak of naturally formed coral. These walls and coral peaks give you with a habitat for fish and other marine biotas to live. One type of fish that can be found on the Mandolin is the group of bannerfish, surgeonfish, and unicornfish. Even these fish were so tame and easily being approached as well. There are caves on the seafloor where you are able to find fish as well. Even so, this point is safe for visitors in Bunaken National Park.

Bunaken Timor

Bunaken Timore is one of the most popular points in this beautiful destination. This point is very interesting to be explored by diving. however, you have to master the technique because the current is pretty strong as well. The beauty of Bunaken Timor is unbeatable because you are able to find the beautiful coral reefs and marine biota as well. You can find big or even big fish here. In addition, there are sea turtles that can be found there. There are beautiful underwater caves and various type of seaweed as well.

Baraccuda Peak

The Barracuda Peak spots are the next diving spot which is also beautiful to be visited as well. This place was also known as the Barracuda Point and this is one of Indonesia’s Global Tourist Place and has a current from its position which is alternated between sandy areas and coral reefs. However, you should know that this place is the most remote dive point. It was located in the northwest part of Bunaken. The best thing here is you might be able to see the large barracuda horde as well. Even you might see tuna and jacks at this point. So, do not miss this point when you visit Bunaken Island Indonesia.


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