Bunaken Island Hotels

Bunaken Tourism is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Manado. Even the number of visitors in Bunaken shows a rising trend year by year. This is because the beauty of coral reefs and underwater life in Bunaken Manado is the most compelling site because several dive spots and some of them were considered as the most beautiful diving spot as well. Bunaken Marine Park is located in the Manado Bay  Region, geographically located in the north of Sulawesi. Along with the Siladen Island and Mantehage Island, then the Bunaken Marine Park formed a Manado Bunaken National Park which has officially inaugurated by Indonesia government many years ago. It is also pretty easy to find Bunaken Island Hotels here.

Beautiful coral reefs

The coral reef in the underwater world of Bunaken is the important feature as the part of the strength of Bunaken Tourism. The coral reef is a home for 2000 species of fish along with various marine biota. The common fish species in this area are dansel, trigger, unicorn, wrasse, and so on. The uniqueness of Bunaken Marine Park is the depth of the sea that reach up to 1000 meters. Inside of the sea, you will meet with various types of large fish, such as hammerhead sharks, rays, tuna, marlin, sails, barracuda, dolphins, whales and so on. If you are lucky enough, you are able to see fish species which were classified as the rare and endangered creatures, such as dugongs, coelacanth, and turtles as well.

Diving and snorkeling in Bunaken

There are so many diving and snorkeling equipment rental centers in Bunaken. even you can rent for the underwater camera to take photos underwater. There are many diving and snorkeling spots in the Bunaken Island. Most of them are so beautiful and offers you different characteristics as well. It means that you cannot explore these beautiful spots just in one day.

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Hotels and lodging in Bunaken

For those who have a tight budget, they might be more interested to find affordable accommodation or hotels in Bunaken. However, actually, you are able to choose to stay in the center of Manado or at Bunaken. If you want to stay in Manado, there are many lodging options, ranging from budget hotels at an affordable cost to the five-star hotel. If you want to stay in Bunaken Island, then you are able to choose cottages or residential house which were highly available along the beach as well. The prices of the cottages can be so vary depending on the distance of the cottage with the location of Bunaken Marine Park. If the location near to the cottage, then the cost will be more expensive as well. So, you can choose many Bunaken Island Hotels options based on your budget as well.

Other activities in Bunaken Tourism

Actually, you just walking around the Beach in Bunaken can be your interesting experience as well. This is because this tourist spot in Manado offers you with a beautiful scene of the beach as well. You will see the greenish sea water along with the natural panorama around the sea in Bunaken that give you with the strong impression as well. If you like to walking around throughout Bunaken Sea, then you are able to take a ride of Catamaran – the glass boat that brings you to see a great view of underwater without making you wet as well. There are other things that you can do instead of snorkeling or diving, choosing your best Bunaken Island Hotels that make your visit more meaningful. The Bunaken offers you great facilities and many beautiful spots waiting for you to be discovered.


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