Bunaken Island Diving 

Bunaken is a great destination which suitable for all of the diver levels, however, the steep wall that going down to the sea offers you with the bigger chance to dive deeper and better become advanced diver in order to enjoy all of the diving sites. The part of the shallow reef will show you with the colorful and superb coral garden about 4 meters deep and this is a great way to make your safety stop and receiver the last underwater shots as well.  This coral garden was considered the best in this planet, making it the beautiful playground for divers and snorkelers as well. Of course, there are so many Bunaken Island Diving spots here.

Explore a wonderful underwater world

You are able to explore the underwater world along with the Liveaboard trip which is usually combined the Bunaken National Park, the Lembeh Strait, and Bangka Island.  You are able to book in advance for the liveaboards because they usually offer you the lowest rate. Even many companies also offer you with easy booking process as well.

Scuba diving and snorkeling conditions

Most of the conditions are most of great along with the gentle current, however, you should be careful because then it might rapidly change as well. It can reach 50 meters and it was really something visible. The temperature of water ranging from 27 to 29 Celcius Degree. You should know that Bunaken offers you great spots for diving and snorkeling as well. A huge shallow coral garden can be your best choice in order to observe the teeming reef life.  In another hand, there are many things that you can do here.

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Bunaken Island Diving Spots

It can be said that the best sites around Bunaken Island are Lekuan 1,2 and 3.

Lekuan 1

This is a long beautifully covered reef which been located in the front of the Bunaken Island – it might look impossible to be done just in one dove. Along with the visibility around 30 to 40 meters. Then you will see the nigger species such as turtles, blacktip sharks, and groups of Napoleon and trevally were very common as well. Come from the sandy slope that slowly entered to the wall part of the site. Then Napoleon Wrasse and Bannerfish were the residents in this diving spot. You might be able to see the small white tip reef sharks sleeping in the cracks.

Lekuan 2

Continuing to the first part of popular long ref which been located in the front of Bunaken Island was known as the Lekuan 2. It was vertical walls which been covered by different species of soft and hard corals that decorated this beautiful; spot and welcoming you with a wide range of marine life. You can see the small caves which ben covered with the soft corals along with the combination of crystal clear water were also the main reason for many wide-angle photographers to visit this beautiful site. Even big green turtles along with Napolean wrasse frequently visit this spot as well.

Lekuan 3

This is one of the best diving spots in Bunaken because it was started with the beautiful sandy slope along with the underwater pinnacles then start to continue to the wall as well. That also drops for more than 200 meters. The groups of Barracudas and Jaks were frequently found in this area s well. Of course, you should not miss the small creatures as the resident in this area as well. Such as the flatworms, cleaner shrimps and so on. The big sponges and Gorgonians that decorated the wall along makes this Bunaken Island Diving look more beautiful.


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