Bunaken Island Dive Resort

If you want to get more experience in Bunaken Island, Manado in the North Sulawesi then you might consider finding the Bunaken Island Dive Resort that offers you with professional dive center as well. Of course, you will look for the resort was based on the Bunaken Island as the heart of the world famous of the Bunaken National Marine Park. Then you might consider getting beachfront dive center that offers you high quality for diving equipment as well as professional instructor and experienced local guides. Usually, that kind of resort also provides you with wooden bungalows were placed in the small hill which is only a few steps from the beach and offer you with gorgeous look of the beach.

Diving in the Bunaken Island

Along with the professional guide and crew will provide you with the best diving in the great walls of Bunaken National Park along with the slopes which filled up with unique creatures in Manado Bay. Of course, they will show you with the best diving spots in Bunaken.  Usually, all of the dives were boat dives which been divided into small groups guided by experienced divers and a local guide as well. The coral reefs and the open ocean offers you with so much life here. Bunaken was placed in the epicenter of the marine biodiversity in the world, therefore it supports so many varieties of marine animals as well. Here, you will find more than 2000 of reef fish species and around 500 corals in more of 40 world’s popular diving spots. In the ocean surface, you might see the pilot whales and dolphins and you might be occasionally surprised by seeing of migrating humpbacked, whales, killer and so on.

What can you see?

As mentioned before that Bunaken Island is one of the five islands which formed the Bunaken Marine Park. The sea around these islands are so deep and even some points were more than 600 m depth along with the pinnacles which can reach the surface. Then you can think that it might be the submerged mountain. Therefore, this submerged mountain range offers you with the dramatic drop and a house of various hard and soft corals. Of course, this is a house to the abundance of ree fish. Like sweetlips, butterflyfish, damsel fish, cardinal fish and fusiliers. Even baraccudas, and reef sharks call this reef as their home and you are able to find out the wall critters like lionfish, nudibranch, scorpion fish and seahorses were hiding on the walls.

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Best diving attraction

Muck Diving

You should know that Manado Bay in the sandy slopes area offers you with world class of muck diving along with the creepy creatures such as ghost pipefish, seahorse, mimic octopus, frogfish and flamboyant cuttlefish as well. Of course, these diving sites become the all-time favorite spot among underwater photographers. Even, many of the best sites of muck diving were placed in the close distance and were dived in your daily basis.

Underwater Photographed

Bunaken and the Manado Bay is the favorite place among the underwater photographers in around the world because of the big chance to get wide-angle and macro photography. The reefs are still pristine along with hard and soft corals as well. There are many interesting creatures which very expert in camouflage themselves in order to blend well with the surroundings.  Therefore, there are many great things that you can try when you visit Bunaken Island. There are Bunaken Island Dive Resort options that you can choose based on your need.


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