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If you think that Bunaken is the only spot diving in Manado, then you are wrong. Indeed, Bunaken is one of the most famous diving and snorkeling spot in Manado, even abroad. At least, there are three cool diving spots that you can find in Manado. Plus, you are able to visit four diving spots which are the destination of divers from around the world. Not only Bunaken, but there are also other places such as Sangihe Talaud and Bangka who had tremendous underwater world. Here best 4 coolest diving spots that you can visit in Manado. You are also able to book Bunaken Diving Resort to complete your destination.


Of course, Bunaken is on the first rank as the coolest and most global diving spots. Its beauty can make any diver attracted to this place. The location is in the Bunaken National Park, taking time around 45 minutes by sea from Manado Harbor means that you should take a ferry to get there. The waters of Bunaken were very clear with a high level of visibility in the range about 20 to 40 meters. So, when you were in the shallow water, you are still able to see the seafloor from the surface without you have to dive inside. The Bunaken Marine Park area shows you with 13 types of coral reefs and 91 fish species. So there is no need to deny why Bunaken becomes the global dive spot.


Discussing the natural beauty of Manado underwater is incomplete if you do not include Lembeh Island in the list. On the island, there is a wealth of Indonesian undersea biota and the most unique is the Lembeh water like a house for unusual marine species as well. In Lembeh, you will see the pygmy seahorse, emperor shrimp, mandarin fish, boxer crabs, shrimp, and other marine creatures. Lembeh also has 88 diving spots which are ready to be explored.

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Sangihe Talaud

Located slightly far away from Manado, you will find Sangihe Talaud. The place is around 220 kilometers from the Manado downtown and it takes around 11 hours of land and sea trips to reach this location. However, after taking a long journey, you will feel amazed with its underwater beauty.  Sangihe Talaud contains small islands with very clear waters. When you entering the sea, you will see the exotic sight and you might not able to find in other diving spots. The uniqueness is in the presence of underwater volcanoes which create the air bubbles from the seafloor. This is really cool, especially it combined with colorful fish.


In Bangka, you are also able to find many cool diving spots. The trip to Bangka Island might take around 2,5 to 3 hours by sea come from Manado Harbor. In Bangka, you will meet dugongs here. In addition to Bangka Island, other cool diving spots can be found around Talise, Kinabohutan, Tamperong, Tindila and Gangga Islands. In Bangka Island itself, you will see the beautiful dive spot which been divided into several areas which been mentioned above. There are many choices if you want to dive in Bangka.

Therefore, if you travel to the Manado and diving is the main activity that you want to, then you are able to explore those diving spots which are very worthy to try as well. However, you do not have to forget to check the best time schedule to visit each spot because this also affects the success and satisfaction of your diving.  Then you are able to enjoy Manado. Bunaken Diving Resort can be your best option.


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