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Bunaken National Marine Park was considered one of the best and top diving destinations in the world. It was occupied in Manado Bay in the Coral Triangle Center, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This place offers you with more than 390 species of coral along with so many mollusks, reptile fish and marine mammal species. The Bunaken Marine Park was established as the national park since 1991 and become one of the first growing systems for a marine park in Indonesia. Bunaken National Marine Park has five islands surround it, they are Bunaken Island, Manado Tua Island, Mantegahhe Island and Siladen Island. You can choose Bunaken Diving Package that helps you travel to Bunaken more complete.

Bunaken has a lot of diving spots

Bunaken National Marine Park offers you with more than 70 diving spots along with different depth up to 1344 meters. From all of the diving spots, there are around 25 diving spots around Bunaken Island and these diving spots were often visited by divers and natural lover of an underwater scene. The most interesting point of Bunaken National Marine Park was the existence of the great wall underwater which also known as Hanging Walls that stand vertically and curved above. Instead become the beautiful scenery to be seen, the Hanging Walls also used as a nourishing source for fish around Bunaken Island.

Rich Coral Ecosystem

As mentioned above that Bunaken National Marine Park was geographically included in the “Golden Triangle” water as the habitat area where you are able to see 3000 fish species. The Golden Triangle was aimed to connect the ocean water between the Philippines, Papua, and Indonesia. Even government of nongovernment organizations also working together to make a program of conservation of mangroves and coral reefs inside the area of Bunaken Island as well. Then the reef conservation program was aimed to save many species of marine creatures from vanishing or extinction.

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Rich of coral ecosystem included most of the Bunaken National Marine Park which been dominated by the barrier and fringing reef corals. The different feature comes from 25 to 50 meters vertically coral which been occupied by 13 coral genus as well. You should know that the seaweed can be found here including of Padina, Caulerpa, Halimeda species. This park also rich in fish species, reptiles, and sea mammals.

Why you choose Bunaken Island for your course?

You should know that Bunaken offers you with an ideal location to start your diving career here. Bunaken has more than 50 diving spots and some of them were a great option for open course diving along with the soft sandy slopes to develop your skills as well. Even you are still able to see much fish here, beautiful corals and the turtles which make Bunaken was so popular. The are several common dive sites to be visited during your courses, such as Fukui, Lekuan III, Tiwoho, Tanjung Parigi and Muka. You are able to go the best diving site on that day, depending on the conditions and the part of course that you will take as well.

There are thousands of divers come from around the world each year in order to explore the Bunaken National Park, expected that they will see the giant clam, eagle ray or the black-tip shark as well. The water around the Bunaken Island is so clear so that the visitors are able to see a glimpse of wonderful underwater creatures without leaving the glassed bottom ship. Nowadays, Bunaken National Park has at least 50 diving spots which were very rich with the coral reefs and tropical fish. Get your Bunaken Diving Package now.


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