Bunaken Beach Resort

Bunaken Beach Resort is one of best resorts on the Bunaken Island. Bunaken itself is popular for its marine life and pristine beach. Besides the convenient accommodation, the resort also provides restaurants and bar near the beach, massage services, and two types of room: standard rooms and private bungalows with air conditioners.

Room features

Each room has a patio where you can sit on it. Besides, a suit shower and toilet are also available in the room. The standard rooms are equipped with fans since it does not have an air conditioner. The entire accommodation property is decorated with beautiful yet colorful gardens here and there.

How to get there

You can reach this beach resort by taking a boat from the Manado Harbor. It takes about 30 minutes driving the airport of Sam Ratulangi to the harbor. Meanwhile, the boat will take you to the Bunaken Island after 45 minutes of driving. Our holiday package offers the pick-up service from the airport along with the boat transfers. It will be so much convenient for you instead of arranging it by yourself.

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What to do in Bunaken

The best thing to do on Bunaken Island is snorkeling and scuba diving. But if you just want to chill then you can enjoy the sunset from the terrace. The beach is also great for sunbathing, which could be another activity you can do if you are not in the mood for getting into the water. With a 24-hour laundry service, you do not need to worry about running out of clean clothes.

Restaurant and bar

Bunaken Beach Resort offers great meals from local cuisine and overall Indonesian foods. You can grab the foods in the restaurant. And if you want to enjoy some drinks, you can head to the beach bar. The bar provides several delicious cocktails and other drinks. If you want to enjoy drinking in your patio, you just grab the phone and the room service will provide for you. This resort is highly recommended for couples but family is also welcome.

Popular facilities

This accommodation property is a beachfront resort with a stunning garden and amazing sun terrace in case you want to chill and sunbathing. There is also a massage area where you will get a great service from the wellness expert. This place has several great spots for taking pictures.

For the indoor activities, you can enjoy the library and doing table tennis with your friends. The outdoor activities provide some great adventures. Since Bunaken Island is popular for its marine life and underwater scenery, you can enjoy snorkeling and diving with the instructor from the hotel. We have a holiday package to get you the best deal for diving. Just give us a call and we will arrange it for you.

Besides a restaurant that serves magnificent Indonesian foods, the beach bar offers some tasty cocktails. They also serve a good coffee anytime you want it. If you want to get the Wi-Fi connection, you need to step out from your room because it is only available in the public area. Still, it is free.

Other services

There is no parking lot in this area so you better not rent a car after all. Taxi is always available and if you purchase our holiday package, anything can be covered. The resort provides daily maid to clean your room along with laundry and ironing service. The room service is available for 24 hours per day as well as the front desk. You can enjoy your holiday at the beach and chill out in the resort without worrying about foods or other entertainment by staying in the Bunaken Beach Resort.


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